How much does the LumiSpa cost?

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Similarly one may ask, what does a LumiSpa do?

Used with the specially formulated activating cleanser, the Lumispa is waterproof, cordless, rechargeable and comes with a gentle silicon removable head. What does it do? With its oscillating head the Lumispa opens and closes the pores, removing dead skin cells, blackheads and reduces the appearance of large pores.

Subsequently, is the Nuskin LumiSpa worth it?

Also to know is, how often should you use a LumiSpa?


Is LumiSpa a pyramid scheme?

Yes it’s MLM. I’ve had to delete a Facebook friend because I’m fed up of seeing videos of her washing her face, and pictures of how much dirt the machine has managed to rub off her skin. Yuck. I love my Lumispa (and no I don’t sell it) and I also love the cleanser that came with it.

Does LumiSpa reduce wrinkles?

ageLOC LumiSpa is a revolutionary skin care system that will have your skin looking healthier and younger in days. You might not be able to eliminate wrinkles altogether, but you can soon breathe new life into your skin with this ultimate skin renewal product.

How long do LumiSpa heads last?

While the head is made with a gentle, nonabrasive silicone surface, it will wear out over time. To get the best use of the LumiSpa and all that it has to offer, replacing the head every 30-60 days is best in order to make sure you’re receiving the full benefits from the device.

Can you use LumiSpa around eyes?

With LumiSpa Accent, customers can now easily address those dark circles and bags under the eyes.” ageLOC LumiSpa Accent is a targeted treatment attachment head that works with Nu Skin’s award-winning ageLOC LumiSpa beauty device.

How long does the LumiSpa last?

7 to 10 days

Can I use my LumiSpa in the shower?

ageLOC® LumiSpa™ is safe to use in the shower or wet environment. However, the charging base should not be exposed to water.

Can I use LumiSpa with my own cleanser?

🤔 Can I use my LumiSpa with another cleanser? No, you can’t use any cleanser with your device. ageLOC LumiSpa Activating Cleansers are specifically formulated for use with the Nu Skin facial cleansing brush. They are the only formulations tested and approved to deliver the full system benefits.

Does LumiSpa promote collagen?

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