Who is the artist for fate?

Takashi Takeuchi

Takashi Takeuchi
Occupation Visual novel developer/artist
Years active 1998–present
Known for Co-founder of Type-Moon
Notable work Tsukihime, Fate/stay night

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Moreover, why is mash called eggplant Fgo?

Also Eggplant Kouhai or simply Eggplant, based on the color of her armor; it got a popularity boost after a comic strip in Learning With Manga where Gudako hanged Mash on a tree with a paper with “Eggplant” written on it pasted on her face.

One may also ask, how tall is raikou fate grand order? >

11.8″ tall>>

In this manner, who does the art for Fate grand order?


Why is it called Nasuverse?

The Nasuverse is a fan nickname referring to the shared setting of a number of TYPE-MOON works.

Is Jeanne d’Arc a Saberface?

While many of them are almost exactly like Saber, Jeanne d’Arc has similar qualities in the eyes of the maddened Gilles de Rais and Lancelot, so both will think Saber and Jeanne are the same regardless of which they meet.

Why did Galahad leave mash?

Galahad isn’t Mash’s personal power up. I’m sick and tired of seeing people judge Galahad for not wanting to be still possessing some weird experiment girl that he only cared to stay to save her life, for years. She no longer needed him, so he left.

Why is fujimaru ritsuka called gudao?

Well, Fujimaru Ritsuka is their official name (both of them), although they’re usually called “Gudao” and “Gudako” by fans thanks to dumb official comics “Fujimaru”, by the way Comes from “FU” (F) “JI” (G) “Maru=circle” (O) So yes, bad name puns abound.

How did Fou revive mash?

Fou is the 4th Beast among the 7 beasts in Fate/Grand Order. It sacrificed its own power as BEAST IV to revive Mashu Kyrielight, giving her a normal human’s lifespan. After that, it became a normal animal beast.

How tall is Karna fate?


Bradamante 170cm/55kg David 171cm/62kg Anne Bonny 171cm/54kg
Arjuna 177cm/72kg Houzouin Inshun 177cm/79kg Sanson 178cm/68kg
Karna 178cm/65kg Merlin 178cm/68kg Sakamoto Ryoma 178cm/72kg
Sigurd 178cm/79kg Ozymandias 179cm/65kg Cheiron 179cm/81kg

Who is Mordred’s mother fate?

Mordred is the offspring of Arthur’s accidental incest with Morgause, the king’s estranged half-sister. She is furthermore a sister of Morgan le Fay and the wife of King Lot of Orkney, as well as the mother of Gareth, Agravain, and Gaheris, the last of whom murders her.

How tall is Gilgamesh in fate?

182 cm

Archer (Gilgamesh)
Height 182 cm
Weight 68 kg
Master Tokiomi Tohsaka(Fate/Zero) Kirei Kotomine(Fate/Stay Night) Himself

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