What do you do with a Lumpy Pumpkin?

Upon entering the Lumpy Pumpkin on Pumpkin Landing, you should notice the Heart Piece on the chandelier above the dining area. To get this, run up the stairs and look for a support beam with a warning sign on it. Run and then roll into this a few times by shaking the nunchuk to bring down the Heart Piece.

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Likewise, how do you get a Lumpy Pumpkin?

Hyrule Warriors. In Hyrule Warriors, the Lumpy Pumpkin appears on the Skyloft Stage, north of the West Town Keep and south of the S. Rockface Keep. The Lumpy Pumpkin and Pumpkin Landing appear crashed into Skyloft on their side, with the whole island tilted at an angle against Skyloft.

Regarding this, how do you break a Lumpy Pumpkin in a chandelier? > lang=”en”>>After going into the Lumpy Pumpkin, go to the second floor balcony where you can see the chandelier. Dash and roll towards the railing, and the chandelier should be swinging once you hit it. Keep rolling towards the railing until a cutscene shows that you’ve smashed the chandelier, dropping rupees and a Piece of Heart.>>>

Herein, where is the Lumpy Pumpkin in Zelda?

Pumpkin Landing

How do you get free levias?

Fly around Levias and use your Spiral Charge attack to squash the eyes on the ends of the four tentacles. Watch out for other flying enemies, and be wary of flying into Levias’ body (which will hurt).

How do you get a heart piece from a chandelier?

Do you have to break the chandelier in Skyward Sword?

Yes. The only way to get the piece of heart in The Lumpy Pumpkin is to knock down the chandelier. There aren’t any items that will retrieve it for you.

Where can I find Kukiel?

To find Kukiel in Skyward Sword, you must first complete the Skyview Temple and place the Ruby Tablet within the Goddess Statue. Afterwards, you’ll find Wryna, Kukiel’s mother, searching for her at the top of the stairs leading to the Goddess Statue.

How do you wait until night in Skyward Sword?

To change between day or night in Skyward Sword HD, you have to find a bed. The most obvious place is, of course, in Link’s room back at the Knight Academy in Skyloft. That said, you can also find a bed in the Lumpy Pumpkin or in Beedle’s Airshop.

How do you knock down the chandelier in Skyward Sword?

Where can I find Guld?

Guld is the leader of the Mogmas whom you meet in the Fire Sanctuary. After finishing this dungeon, Guld appears at the south end of Eldin Volcano after the dungeon. He’s at the bottom of the volcano tube you can dive into.

Who do I deliver the pumpkin soup to?

With the Hot Pumpkin Soup in hand, fans now have just five minutes to deliver it to the Knight Commander. This Legend of Zelda NPC is located in the Sparring Hall next to the Knight Academy in western Skyloft, and players may know him better by the name Eagus.

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