What am I Chop Suey meaning?

Chop suey is a Chinese-style dish that consists of meat and vegetables that have been stewed together.

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Consequently, who wrote Chop Suey?

Chop Suey!

Likewise, people ask, what is the meaning of System of a Down? > lang=”en”>>Before they were signed, the band members decided to name themselves after a poem by Malakian called “Victim of a Down.” But bassist Shavo Odadjian was convinced the group would have a better chance at catching fans’ eyes if they changed the first word in the phrase to “System,” so the band would be filed in record …>>>

Accordingly, when did System of a Down Chop Suey come out?

Where did the word Chop Suey come from?

The most likely story, unfortunately, is the least interesting: Chinese Americans invented the dish based on tsap seui, a Cantonese dish that translates to “miscellaneous leftovers.”

What is the origin of Chop Suey?

Chop suey

Who died from System of a Down?

Serj Tankian
Genres Alternative metal nu metal heavy metal hard rock progressive rock alternative rock
Occupation(s) Musician singer songwriter record producer political activist
Instrument(s) Vocals keyboards piano guitar
Years active 1992–present

What did System of a Down sing about?

System of a Down is a part of the Axis of Justice, a non-profit organization co-founded by band member Serj Tankian (along with Tom Morello from Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave), dedicated to bringing together musicians, music fans, and grassroots political organizations to fight for social justice.

What is chop suey vs chow mein?

With chow mein, you cook noodles and add them to your wok of other ingredients, cooking everything together in one pan. However, with a chop suey recipe, you will cook the noodles or rice and other ingredients separately before combining them in a bowl, serving up the noodles or rice with the sauce served over the top.

What is the ancestry of all four members of System of a Down?

All four members of System of a Down are of Armenian heritage. Daron Malakian, the band’s guitarist and chief songwriter, is the only one who was born in the United States. His parents emigrated from Iraq—where small communities of settlers from nearby Armenia live—in 1974, the year before he was born.

What makes System of a Down so good?

Rubin: System of a Down has such a singular voice as a band, it’s impossible to compare them to anyone else. It’s the specific personality of the band. Music can’t evolve past it since it’s so far outside what everyone else is doing. It’s innovative rhythmically, harmonically and lyrically.

What ethnicity is System of a Down?

System of a Down is made up of four Los Angelenos of Armenian descent. This spring, they’ll play their first-ever concert in their ethnic homeland.

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