Can you order Hawaiian pizza in Italy?

Today it can be enjoyed at Pepe in Grani, in Caiazzo (not far from Caserta in the Campania Region), the best pizzeria in Italy and the world.

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Then, where can I get pineapple on pizza in Italy?

You can get pineapple on a Pizza in Italy – Review of Pizzeria Ristorante Gaston, Merano, Italy – Tripadvisor.

Consequently, is breaking pasta illegal in Italy? > lang=”en”>>It is forbidden! Spaghetti must be cooked just the way they are: intact! Then, they must be eaten rolling them up with a fork. And if you cannot eat them without breaking them… you can still have a shorter kind of pasta, like penne!>>>

Also, is pineapple on pizza a crime?

Players found that pineapple on pizzas isn’t just a grave faux pas in the real world, it’s actually illegal in CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077. Despite the prevalence of pineapples on modern pizzeria menus, the topping does not seem to be highly regarded.

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