21 Most Popular Atkins Recipes

What should I make for dinner tonight? This might just be the number one question that we ask ourselves almost daily over here.

Then you have come to the right place, we have rounded up 21 most popular atkins recipes that we have shared over the years.

Plus, there is such a variety of flavours in these recipes, so you are sure to find something for you. Most of these recipes are quick and easy ones made especially for busy weeknights.

21 Most Popular Atkins Recipes

30 Low Carb Meals & Dinner Recipes You Can Make in an Hour (or Less!)

30 Low Carb Meals & Dinner Recipes You Can Make in an Hour (or Less!)

35 min
Spaghetti squash, shepherd’s pie, cauliflower rice, chicken, keto
Brit + Co
40+ Best Low-Carb Recipes

40+ Best Low-Carb Recipes

25 min
Skinless chicken breasts, avocado oil, garlic powder
No reviews
29 Low Carb Dinner Ideas (+ Easy Recipes)

29 Low Carb Dinner Ideas (+ Easy Recipes)

Chicken pot pie, butternut squash, butternut squash noodles, big mac, egg roll
Insanely Good Recipes
Low-carb recipes

Low-carb recipes

Low carb
No reviews
BBC Good Food
20 BEST Low Carb Recipes

20 BEST Low Carb Recipes

The Modern Proper
Top 30 low-carb recipes

Top 30 low-carb recipes

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Diet Doctor
20 Best Low Carb Recipes That Are Easy to Make: Sriracha Shrimp Recipe & More

20 Best Low Carb Recipes That Are Easy to Make: Sriracha Shrimp Recipe & More

Soy sauce, sriracha sauce, rice vinegar, raw shrimp, garlic
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Deviled Eggs Delight (Atkins Friendly - Low Carb)

Deviled Eggs Delight (Atkins Friendly – Low Carb)

5 min
Bacon, cheese, hard boiled, mayonnaise
Mexican Cauliflower Rice

Mexican Cauliflower Rice

25 min
Ground beef, cauliflower rice, taco seasoning, cheddar cheese, chicken broth
All Day I Dream About Food
23 Best Keto Instant Pot Recipe - Low Carb Pressure Cooker Recipes

23 Best Keto Instant Pot Recipe – Low Carb Pressure Cooker Recipes

20 min
Beef broth, carrot, tomato puree, chicken meat
No reviews
Low Carb Spark
Keto Breakfast Sandwich

Keto Breakfast Sandwich

20 min
Gluten free, coconut flour, olive oil, egg, deli ham
Healthy Recipes Blog
Pizza the Atkins way

Pizza the Atkins way

35 min
Mozzarella cheese, basil, eggs, garlic powder, pizza toppings
Broccoli Salad - Low Carb

Broccoli Salad – Low Carb

10 min
Mayonnaise, almonds, red vinegar
The Low Carb Diet
Keto Chaffle Recipe

Keto Chaffle Recipe

Egg, shredded cheese
Low Carb Inspirations
10 Low Carb Soup Recipes and tips to make any soup low carb!

10 Low Carb Soup Recipes and tips to make any soup low carb!

1 hr 10 min
Low carb, chicken, beef broth, xanthan gum
Low Carb with Jennifer
Crispy Zucchini Fries (Keto + Low Carb)

Crispy Zucchini Fries (Keto + Low Carb)

35 min
Low carb, almond flour, zucchini, parmesan cheese, egg
The Best Keto Recipes

What can I eat for dinner on Atkins diet?

Foods to Eat

  • Meats: Beef, pork, lamb, chicken, bacon and others.
  • Fatty fish and seafood: Salmon, trout, sardines, etc.
  • Eggs: The healthiest eggs are omega-3 enriched or pastured.
  • Low-carb vegetables: Kale, spinach, broccoli, asparagus and others.
  • Full-fat dairy: Butter, cheese, cream, full-fat yogurt.

Why Atkins is bad?

Has side effects: Eating a very low-carb diet like Atkins can cause electrolyte imbalances, constipation, dangerously low blood sugar and kidney problems. Promotes processed foods: The Atkins diet sells and promotes bars, shakes and ready-made meals that help people stick with the plan.

What can you eat in Phase 1 of Atkins?


  • Have three meals and two snacks a day. …
  • Consume 20 grams of Net Carbs a day. …
  • Eat sufficient protein at every meal. …
  • Don’t restrict fats. …
  • Drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water daily. …
  • Avoid dehydration or electrolyte imbalance. …
  • Watch out for hidden carbs.

What do you eat for breakfast on the Atkins diet?

Atkins Breakfast Recipes You Just Have to Try

  • Salmon, Cream Cheese & Vegetable Omelet. Image: Mango Tomato. …
  • Low-Carb Chocolate Coconut Smoothie. …
  • Breakfast Stuffed Bell Peppers. …
  • Cauliflower Pancakes/Latkes Recipe. …
  • Cottage Cheese Pancakes. …
  • Cereal School. …
  • Keto Jalapeno & Cheddar Cauliflower Muffins. …
  • Keto Frittata Recipe.

What can I eat instead of bread?

Here are 10 easy and delicious ways to replace conventional wheat bread:

  • Oopsie Bread. …
  • Ezekiel Bread. …
  • Corn Tortillas. …
  • Rye Bread. …
  • Lettuce and Leafy Greens. …
  • Sweet Potatoes and Vegetables. …
  • Butternut Squash or Sweet Potato Flatbread. …
  • Cauliflower Bread or Pizza Crust.

How much can you lose on Atkins in a month?

Actual Weight Loss

Atkins even explains in his book “Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution” that you are more likely to lose about 10 to 14 lbs. during the first month on the diet. Of course, the amount of weight you lose depends on many factors.

Which is Better Atkins or keto?

Atkins and keto are both low-carb diets that may benefit weight loss, diabetes management, and heart health. Their main difference is that you gradually increase your carb intake on Atkins, while it remains very low on the keto diet, allowing your body to stay in ketosis and burn ketones for energy.

Can I eat as much meat as I want on Atkins?

The main aim of the DASH diet is to reduce high blood pressure. A person will eat fruits, vegetables, whole grain, low-fat dairy foods, poultry, fish, nuts, and beans, but they will limit their intake of red meat, fat, sugar, and salt.

How much can you lose in 2 weeks Atkins?

15 pounds

What food has zero carbs?


  • Egg and most meats including chicken, fish, etc.
  • Non-starch vegetables like broccoli, asparagus, capsicum, leafy vegetables, cauliflower, mushrooms.
  • Fats and Oils like butter olive oil and coconut oil.

Can you have mayonnaise on Atkins?

Fats and Oils

Butter, olive oil, mayonnaise, commercially prepared salad dressings and vegetable oils such as canola or sesame oil are all acceptable in the Induction phase of Atkins.

Can I drink coffee on Atkins Phase 1?

Per Atkins guidelines, one to two cups of caffeinated coffee (or tea) is allowed. Excessive caffeine has been shown to cause low blood sugar, which can make you crave sugar. So whether or not you’re using keto creamers in your cup, try to keep your consumption of coffee, tea, and other caffeinated drinks to a minimum.

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