15 Tzatziki And Cucumber Sauce

What should I make for dinner tonight? This might just be the number one question that we ask ourselves almost daily over here.

Then you have come to the right place, we have rounded up 15 tzatziki and cucumber sauce that we have shared over the years.

Plus, there is such a variety of flavours in these recipes, so you are sure to find something for you. Most of these recipes are quick and easy ones made especially for busy weeknights.

15 Tzatziki And Cucumber Sauce

Best Tzatziki

Best Tzatziki

15 min
Plain greek yogurt, olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, fresh mint
Cookie and Kate
Cucumber-Dill Tzatziki

Cucumber-Dill Tzatziki

10 min
Cucumber, pita chips, lemon juice, garlic, plain yogurt
Food & Wine Magazine
Tzatziki Sauce

Tzatziki Sauce

5 min
Greek yogurt, dill, mint, olive oil, lemon juice
Love and Lemons
Tzatziki Cucumber Salad

Tzatziki Cucumber Salad

10 min
Plain greek yogurt, red onion, lemon juice, garlic, fresh dill
Live Eat Learn
Tzatziki Sauce -Yogurt and Cucumber Dip

Tzatziki Sauce -Yogurt and Cucumber Dip

10 hr 15 min
Low fat, cucumber, lemon juice, garlic, fresh dill
Easy Tzatziki Sauce (Yogurt Cucumber Dip)

Easy Tzatziki Sauce (Yogurt Cucumber Dip)

37 min
Greek yogurt, dill, olive oil, lemon juice, garlic
Spend with Pennies
Tzatziki Sauce Recipe

Tzatziki Sauce Recipe

10 min
Plain greek yogurt, pita bread, vegetables, olive oil, white vinegar
The Mediterranean Dish
Greek Yogurt-Cucumber Sauce - German Tsatsiki

Greek Yogurt-Cucumber Sauce – German Tsatsiki

20 min
Greek yogurt, olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, fresh dill
The Spruce Eats
Tzatziki Sauce Recipe - Cool as a Cucumber

Tzatziki Sauce Recipe – Cool as a Cucumber

10 min
Greek yogurt, cucumber, olive oil, lemon juice, white vinegar
Take Two Tapas
Creamy Tzatziki Cucumber Salad

Creamy Tzatziki Cucumber Salad

30 min
Red wine vinegar, plain greek yogurt, red onion, fresh dill, sea salt
No reviews
Inspired Taste
Tzatziki (Yogurt & Cucumber Dip)

Tzatziki (Yogurt & Cucumber Dip)

20 min
Greek yogurt, olive oil, fresh mint, black pepper, hothouse cucumber
Once Upon a Chef
Tzatziki Sauce (Greek Cucumber Sauce)

Tzatziki Sauce (Greek Cucumber Sauce)

10 min
Greek yogurt, cucumber, olive oil, lemon juice, fresh dill
The Novice Chef
Tzatziki (Greek Cucumber-Yogurt Sauce)

Tzatziki (Greek Cucumber-Yogurt Sauce)

10 min
Plain greek yogurt, dill, lemon juice, garlic
Alexandra’s Kitchen
Homemade Tzatziki Sauce

Homemade Tzatziki Sauce

10 min
Greek yogurt, dill, lemon juice, garlic, cayenne pepper
Jo Cooks
Tzatziki Greek Cucumber Salad Recipe

Tzatziki Greek Cucumber Salad Recipe

40 min
Plain greek yogurt, olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, lemon zest
Midwestern HomeLife

What is the difference between cucumber sauce and tzatziki sauce?

Tsaht-ZEE-kee! Otherwise known as that yogurt and cucumber sauce you love at Greek restaurants but worry about mispronouncing (hear the correct pronunciation here). Tzatziki is made simply with yogurt, drained cucumber, olive oil, fresh herbs (usually mint or dill), garlic, lemon juice and salt.

What does tzatziki sauce go with?

Use it as a dip for fresh vegetables like cherry tomatoes, firm cucumbers (English cucumber or Persian cucumbers are good choices), carrots, or bell peppers. It’s also great for pita chips or soft pita bread. Salad Dressing – Loosen the tzatziki with a bit of milk to make a fresh and tangy dressing for Greek salad.

What do you eat with tzatziki cucumber?

Here is a list of some other amazing dishes that go perfect with Tzatziki.

  • Yogurt Marinated Chicken Skewers.
  • Greek Loaded Oven Fries.
  • Chicken Tawook Quinoa Bowls.
  • Mezze Appetizer Platter.
  • Homemade Naan.
  • Chicken Shawarma Bowls.

How do you shred cucumbers for tzatziki?

Is Greek tzatziki healthy?

Is tzatziki healthy? Yes, tzatziki is a healthy dip that can be enjoyed as a sauce with a delicious meal like falafel or greek meatballs or as a dip with fresh veggies. It is low in calories and fat and is made with all fresh, healthy ingredients that contain protein, calcium and vitamins.

What is healthier hummus or tzatziki?

Health-wise, tzatziki contains only 54 calories per a 45 gram serving; it also comes with only 8 grams of carbohydrates and a negligible amount of sodium. Which to Pick? If you make your determination based on health concerns, then hummus is clearly the less healthy dip, with high sodium being a particular concern.

How long does tzatziki last in fridge?

Homemade tzatziki sauce can last for up to 2 weeks, when using very fresh yogurt, stored in an airtight container in the fridge. Keep in mind though, that it will only last as long as your yogurt, so make sure to use fresh yogurt, not yogurt that is expiring tomorrow.

How long is tzatziki good for after opening?

How long does tzatziki last? Tzatziki sauce is a popular Greek dip that can be served with pita bread and vegetables. It is usually made with yogurt, cucumber, garlic, dill, olive oil, lemon juice and salt. The sauce will last for about 2-3 days in the refrigerator.

What does tzatziki taste like?

Tzatziki Sauce has a fresh and tangy flavor with Greek yogurt and cucumber. It is prepared by adding olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, and aromatic herbs like mint or dill. It has a refreshing and cool taste and a filling feel.

How do you pronounce tzatziki sauce?

The easiest way of learning its correct pronunciation is the rule that the -tz sound in Greek is equivalent to the -zz in pizza. So by transcribing it using the -zz sound from pizza, the correct pronunciation of tzatziki is zza-zzee-key, which is much closer to the native pronunciation heard in the audio file.

Is tzatziki a keto?

Tzatziki is a traditional Mediterranean sauce that is used for many different dishes. It is traditionally made with healthy ingredients like Greek yogurt and cucumber, which offers many health benefits. Because it is a high fat, low carbohydrate food, tzatziki is suitable for the ketogenic diet and supports ketosis.

Can I freeze tzatziki?

Yes, you can freeze tzatziki. Tzatziki can be frozen for around 3 months. To freeze tzatziki, you will need to make sure it’s well wrapped and protected from freezer burn. It’s also a good idea to split it into individual portion sizes.

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