15 Slow Cooker Pork Cubes Recipes

What should I make for dinner tonight? This might just be the number one question that we ask ourselves almost daily over here.

Then you have come to the right place, we have rounded up 15 slow cooker pork cubes recipes that we have shared over the years.

Plus, there is such a variety of flavours in these recipes, so you are sure to find something for you. Most of these recipes are quick and easy ones made especially for busy weeknights.

15 Slow Cooker Pork Cubes Recipes

Slow Cooker Pork Tips

Slow Cooker Pork Tips

6 hr 15 min
Pork loin roast, mushroom soup, pork gravy mix, chicken broth, bell pepper
Southern Bite
Slow Cooker Pork Stew

Slow Cooker Pork Stew

8 hr 30 min
Red potatoes, red wine, beef broth, tomato paste, carrots
Sweet and Savory Meals
Slow Cooker Cubed Pork Stew

Slow Cooker Cubed Pork Stew

9 hr
Butternut squash, chicken broth, carrots, butter, pork boneless loin
The Spruce Eats
Slow Cooker Pork Carnitas

Slow Cooker Pork Carnitas

3 hr 15 min
Salsa verde, chili powder, lbs pork
No reviews
The Typical Mom
Slow cooker pork casserole

Slow cooker pork casserole

8 hr 15 min
Pork shoulder steaks, cider vinegar, leek, honey, dijon mustard
BBC Good Food
Slow-Cooked Sweet 'n' Sour Pork

Slow-Cooked Sweet ‘n’ Sour Pork

6 hr 50 min
Pork loin roast, soy sauce, brown sugar, cider vinegar, worcestershire sauce
Taste of Home
Slow Cooker Sweet and Sour Pork

Slow Cooker Sweet and Sour Pork

6 hr 30 min
Boneless pork loin, soy sauce, brown sugar, chicken broth, tomato paste
Dinner, then Dessert
Crock Pot Smothered Pork

Crock Pot Smothered Pork

6 hr 10 min
Pork chops, mushroom soup, french fried onions, rice, celery
Recipes That Crock!
Slow Cooker Cheater Pork Stew

Slow Cooker Cheater Pork Stew

8 hr 10 min
Pork shoulder, balsamic vinegar, baby carrots, boat fish sauce, marinara sauce
Nom Nom Paleo
Creamy Slow Cooked Pork Casserole

Creamy Slow Cooked Pork Casserole

3 hr 40 min
Diced pork shoulder, mashed potatoes, hard cider, cream, mushrooms
Kitchen Sanctuary
Slow Cooker Pork Stew

Slow Cooker Pork Stew

7 hr 5 min
Pound pork shoulder, red wine, potatoes, leek, dijon mustard
No reviews
Hint of Healthy
Crock Pot Boneless Pork and Rice

Crock Pot Boneless Pork and Rice

6 hr 30 min
Onion soup mix, boneless pork loin, brown rice, green enchilada sauce, ya mama seasoning
No reviews
Great Grub, Delicious Treats
Simple Slow-Cooker Pork Adobo

Simple Slow-Cooker Pork Adobo

8 hr 20 min
Boneless pork shoulder, soy sauce, grain white rice, cider vinegar, pink peppercorns
Slow Cooker Beef and Pork Stew

Slow Cooker Beef and Pork Stew

5 hr 20 min
Pound pork tenderloin, sweet potato, red potatoes, stew, beer
Easy Crock Pot Pork Carnitas from Pork Butt

Easy Crock Pot Pork Carnitas from Pork Butt

6 hr 15 min
Boston butt, orange, jalapeno, garlic, black pepper
101 Cooking For Two

How do you make tender cubed pork?

To tenderize pork before cooking it, try breaking up the tough muscle by hitting it with a meat mallet evenly across the surface of the meat. Then, if you want your pork to be extra tender, you can marinate it in a tenderizing marinade made with acids, like citrus juices, vinegar, or wine.

Can you put raw pork in a slow cooker?

Aim for High Flavor, Low Fat

You can place raw pork directly into the slow cooker, but for a deeper, richer flavor without much added fat, first brown all sides of the cut briefly in heated olive oil.

How long does pork cubes take to boil?

Bring the water to a boil at and then add two tablespoons yellow cooking wine and reduce to a minimum simmer. If you’re cooking with a wok, precook time will average 90-120 minutes, but with a heavier Dutch oven, you may want to check the pork at 60-90 minutes instead.

How long does pork take in the slow cooker?

Season the pork with salt and pepper then heat the oil in a large frying pan over a medium to high heat. Brown the pork shoulder on all sides then transfer to a slow cooker. Add all the other ingredients, then cook on low for 6-8 hours until the meat pulls apart when pressed with two forks.

How do I cook pork chops so they don’t dry out?

Because one of the best ways to bake pork chops is to start in an oven-safe skillet on the stove and then transfer them into a hot oven. High-heat frying sears them to a golden brown; and a moderately hot oven (400 degrees F) bakes the pork chops gently enough to keep them from drying out.

What is the best way to tenderize pork?

Should I put water in slow cooker with pork?

Transfer everything to a large slow cooker and add a splash of liquid — water is great, but so is broth, apple juice, or beer if you have them handy. Cover and cook on low until the meat is tender and pulls apart easily.

What Cannot be cooked in a slow cooker?

Slow cookers are great, but they can’t cook everything. Many of us are spending less and less time cooking meals.

  • Lean meats. …
  • Raw meat. …
  • Too much liquid. …
  • Delicate vegetables. …
  • Too much spice. …
  • Dairy. …
  • Too much booze. …
  • Meat that has the skin on.

Can you put pork in slow cooker without water?

If you’re only making a meat dish, like pulled pork (or anything without veggies), you should at least add a little bit of liquid. You are objectively incorrect. If that is your experience you need to go buy a new slow cooker, because dry roasting meats in a crockpot is great.

How do you make pork soft and tender?

Does pork belly get more tender the longer you cook it?

Does Pork Belly Get Softer the Longer You Cook It? Because of the amount of fat in a piece of pork belly, it takes quite a while to cook it to perfection, and it does become softer the longer you cook it, up to a point where you’ve properly rendered the fat. The meat should be moist and fall apart tender.

Can you boil raw pork?

Raw pork shoulder should be cooked to the proper safe internal temperature. Pork shoulder is inexpensive, easy to cook and a good source of protein. Although it’s a tough cut of meat, by gently boiling pork shoulder on the stovetop, the result will be a tender and flavorful roast that’s just perfect for a picnic lunch.

Can you overcook pork in a slow cooker?

Can you overcook the pork? It’s hard to overcook the well-marbled and fatty shoulder cut. However, it can become mushy due to the acids in the sauce if the cooking continues too long beyond the recommended cook times. Make sure to keep an eye on the pork and take a bite for the best gauge of doneness.

Do you brown pork before slow cooking?

Before you pop your pork in the slow cooker, consider searing it first. Searing a roast before cooking has several benefits. Some say the meat is more flavorful if it’s seared beforehand—and science supports this theory.

Why is my slow cooker pork tough?

Why is meat still tough in the slow cooker? It’s because you haven’t let the collagen break down. Extend the cook time, make sure there’s enough liquid and keep an eye on the dish.

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