15 Simple Pork Stew Recipe

What should I make for dinner tonight? This might just be the number one question that we ask ourselves almost daily over here.

Then you have come to the right place, we have rounded up 15 simple pork stew recipe that we have shared over the years.

Plus, there is such a variety of flavours in these recipes, so you are sure to find something for you. Most of these recipes are quick and easy ones made especially for busy weeknights.

15 Simple Pork Stew Recipe

Easy Pork Stew

Easy Pork Stew

40 min
Pork tenderloin, stew, tomato sauce, chicken broth, olive oil
Healthy Recipes Blog
Pork Stew

Pork Stew

2 hr
Green beans, pork steaks, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, chicken broth
Spend with Pennies
Pork Stew

Pork Stew

2 hr 7 min
Pork shoulder, white wine, bacon, beef broth, parsnips
Gonna Want Seconds
Pork Stew

Pork Stew

1 hr 50 min
Frozen green beans, boneless pork shoulder, ribs, chicken broth, carrots
Yellow Bliss Road
Rich Pork Stew Recipe with Root Vegetables

Rich Pork Stew Recipe with Root Vegetables

1 hr 30 min
Boneless pork roast, white wine, yukon gold potatoes, chicken broth, baby bella mushrooms
Scrambled Chefs
Homestyle Pork & Vegetable Stew

Homestyle Pork & Vegetable Stew

Pound pork steak, red potatoes, rib, land o, stewed tomatoes
Land O’Lakes
Continental Pork Stew

Continental Pork Stew

1 hr 10 min
Boneless loin roast, frozen pearl onions, white wine, cream, chicken broth
Betty Crocker
Pork and Potato Stew Recipe

Pork and Potato Stew Recipe

1 hr 10 min
Pork, chicken stock, celery, all purpose flour, black pepper
Panlasang Pinoy
Creamy Pork Stew

Creamy Pork Stew

2 hr 15 min
Pork shoulder, apple cider, apple cider vinegar, green peas, dijon mustard
Classic Homestyle Pork Stew

Classic Homestyle Pork Stew

1 hr
Pork shoulder, red wine, tomato paste, worcestershire sauce, carrots
The Kitchen Magpie
Mexican Pork Stew

Mexican Pork Stew

40 min
Pork tenderloin, canned black beans, crushed pineapple, fire roasted tomatoes, adobo sauce
The Salted Pepper
Tender pork stew

Tender pork stew

2 hr 35 min
Pork shoulder, carrots, olive oil, plain flour, celery
No reviews
Sainsbury’s Recipes
Instant Pot Pork Stew

Instant Pot Pork Stew

40 min
Pork tenderloin, baby potatoes, chicken broth, carrots, garlic
Mildly Meandering
Simple Pork Tenderloin Stew Recipe

Simple Pork Tenderloin Stew Recipe

1 hr 15 min
Pork tenderloin, penne pasta, red bell pepper, olive oil, garlic
Timea’s Kitchen
Slow Cooker Vegetable Pork Stew

Slow Cooker Vegetable Pork Stew

8 hr 15 min
Boneless pork chops, cut green beans, baby carrots, herb pasta sauce, diced tomatoes
Ready Set Eat

Can you use pork instead of beef for stew?

Use a different cut of pork.

Pork shoulder is the ideal cut of pork for stews or any slow cooking recipe. However, other cuts can be used too! Just adjust the cooking time accordingly.

What can I add to stew for flavor?

Try adding soy sauce or Worcestershire for extra savory (or umami) flavor, a touch of honey or brown sugar for sweetness, lemon zest or vinegar for brightness or chili powder or smoked paprika for spice and depth.

What cut of pork is good for stew?

When searching for pork for stews, seek out pork shoulder, often called Boston butt pork roast, which is a fattier cut with a lot of flavor that needs to cook for a long time. Or choose lean pork tenderloin, which becomes tender in a shorter amount of time.

Is pork stew meat the same as pork shoulder?

Both come from the shoulder of the pig, but pork butt is higher on the foreleg, while pork shoulder is farther down. As relatively tough and fatty cuts, both benefit from long, slow cooking methods such as roasting, stewing, and braising.

How do you tenderize pork cubes?

How long do you boil pork?

Rinse the pork, then place into a pot, covering it completely in cold water. Bring the water to a moderate boil, and cook pork for 10 minutes to remove scum.

How can I thicken my stew without flour?

Peel a potato. Chop it up. Put it in a blender with half a cup of water and blitz until it has formed a smooth liquid. When your stew has cooked down and the meat is soft enough, add the potato water to the stew and stir through over medium heat until the potato tastes cooked and stew has thickened.

What makes stew a stew?

A stew’s meat or vegetables are barely covered with cooking liquid (usually water, broth or stock, oftentimes enhanced by wine or beer for additional flavor) and, during cooking, the liquid reduces to a gravy-like base that is sometimes thickened by flour, cornstarch or a roux.

What vegetables are good in stew?

Here are seven vegetables you should be adding to stews and braises right now.

  • Hearty Greens. Give your stew the gift of greens. …
  • Mushrooms. A medley of mixed mushrooms (like cremini, shiitake, and oyster) add meatiness, both in flavor and texture. …
  • Root Vegetables. …
  • Winter Squash. …
  • Fennel. …
  • Cauliflower. …
  • Eggplant.

What’s the best pork to slow cook?

The best pork cuts for slow cooking

  1. SPARE RIB AND HAND. Both of these joints can be successfully braised. …
  2. LOIN. As above. …
  3. CHUMP END. When diced, it is ideal for stews, curries and casseroles and tends to be more tender than leg.
  4. BELLY. …

How do you make stew meat tender?

How do you thicken stew?

The flour helps to thicken a stew as it cooks. Whisk a teaspoon of flour in a little cold water to make a slurry, then stir into the stew as it’s cooking. Don’t add dry flour directly to the stew as it may clump. After adding the slurry, bring the stew to boil.

Is pork shoulder the same as pork butt?

Pork butt is a cut of meat that comes from the shoulder of the pig and has a high fat content, while pork shoulder also comes from the shoulder but has more muscle.

What cut is pork butt?

Pork butt is a cut of meat from the shoulder of the pig. Pork butt is the cut most typically used in pulled pork. It can be roasted or cut into steaks, but it is also well-suited for braising and stewing or for making ground pork or sausages.

What is the cheapest cut of pork?

Pork shoulder—generally divided between the picnic roast and the Boston butt—are among the least expensive cuts of pig. Of course, the secret of turning these tough pork roasts into a wonderful meal is to smoke them low and slow and use them in barbecue pulled pork.

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