15 Real Carnitas

What should I make for dinner tonight? This might just be the number one question that we ask ourselves almost daily over here.

Then you have come to the right place, we have rounded up 15 real carnitas that we have shared over the years.

Plus, there is such a variety of flavours in these recipes, so you are sure to find something for you. Most of these recipes are quick and easy ones made especially for busy weeknights.

15 Real Carnitas

Authentic Carnitas Recipe + Video

Authentic Carnitas Recipe + Video

2 hr 30 min
Boneless pork shoulder, salsa verde, refried beans, brown sugar, corn tortillas
Kevin Is Cooking
Carnitas Michoacanas

Carnitas Michoacanas

4 hr 15 min
Pork, lard, oranges, garlic, bay leaves
Hunter Angler Gardener Cook
Carnitas ~ Mexican Braised Pork

Carnitas ~ Mexican Braised Pork

2 hr
Instant pot, pork shoulder, sweetened condensed milk, mexican, bay leaves
Leite’s Culinaria
Authentic Pork Carnitas - Mexican Slow Cooked Pulled Pork

Authentic Pork Carnitas – Mexican Slow Cooked Pulled Pork

3 hr
Boneless pork butt, orange, lime juice, bay leaves
My Kitchen Escapades
Delicious and Authentic Carnitas Recipe

Delicious and Authentic Carnitas Recipe

4 hr 15 min
Boneless pork shoulder, orange juice, sugar cane, corn tortillas, lime
A Food Lover’s Kitchen
Pork Carnitas (Mexican Slow Cooker Pulled Pork)

Pork Carnitas (Mexican Slow Cooker Pulled Pork)

10 hr 10 min
Boneless pork butt, orange juice, mexican coke, garlic, bay leaves
Cafe Delites
Authentic Carnitas

Authentic Carnitas

2 hr 50 min
Boneless pork butt, mexican coke, flour tortillas, lard, navel oranges
No reviews
Traditional Carnitas (Mexican Pork Confit)

Traditional Carnitas (Mexican Pork Confit)

Mexican coca cola, lbs pork shoulder, evaporated milk, oranges, garlic
Stella ‘n Spice
Slow Cooker Carnitas

Slow Cooker Carnitas

5 hr 25 min
Pork loin roast, fresh orange juice, queso fresco, lime juice, mild chili powder
Real Food Whole Life
Authentic Mexican Carnitas Recipe

Authentic Mexican Carnitas Recipe

7 hr 15 min
Lb pork shoulder, orange juice, olive oil
How To Cook.Recipes – How To Cook.Recipes
Authentic Carnitas Recipe

Authentic Carnitas Recipe

1 hr 35 min
Pound pork butt, corn tortillas, lime, cilantro, sea salt
No reviews
Fed + Fit
Authentic Mexican Pork Carnitas Recipe Card

Authentic Mexican Pork Carnitas Recipe Card

6 hr 10 min
Cinnamon, lb pork, garlic, chili powder, bay leaves
Analida’s Ethnic Spoon
Authentic Carnitas Recipe

Authentic Carnitas Recipe

1 hr 15 min
Pork picnic, orange juice, corn tortillas, salsa, olive oil
The Art of Food and Wine


6 hr 20 min
Lb pork shoulder, avocado, orange, lard, garlic
Real Plans
Easy Slow Cooker Carnitas

Easy Slow Cooker Carnitas

Boneless pork shoulder, dairy free, orange, lime, cinnamon
The Real Food Dietitians

What are real carnitas?

The Spanish word carnitas in English means “little meats”. Traditionally, an authentic carnitas recipe is made by braising or simmering pork in lard or oil until tender.

What kind of meat is carnitas?


Why do you put Coca Cola in carnitas?

The Coca-Cola tenderizes the pork and gives it a deep and dark caramelized crust.

Where do carnitas come from?

How do you cook real carnitas?


  1. Heat a medium sized skillet over medium heat. …
  2. Separate the Pork Carnitas with a spoon and spread evenly across the skillet.
  3. Cover and heat for 5-6 minutes or until core temperature reaches a minimum of 165ºF, stirring occasionally.

What is the difference between pulled pork and carnitas?

Pulled pork is meat from a pig (typically from the shoulder region) that has been slow-cooked until it’s easy enough to shred, whereas carnitas (meaning “little meats”) is a version of pulled pork that’s often fixed with Mexican spices (or simply salt).

Are carnitas healthy?

Skip the chorizo, fried fish, and carnitas (fried pork or beef), which are higher in unhealthy saturated fat.

What’s barbacoa made out of?

Barbacoa is typically made out of tougher cuts of meat that require long, slow cooking times. When done traditionally, barbacoa is made with large cuts of meat or whole animals. In the United States, barbacoa is usually associated with beef. However, in Mexico, barbacoa is made from beef, goat, lamb or mutton.

What do you eat carnitas with?

Serve on a warm platter with the beans, salsa, guacamole, lime wedges and warm tortillas.

Why do you put orange juice in carnitas?

The secret to Carnitas is in the sauce!

The citrus in the sauce helps break down the meat so that it becomes super tender, This sauce also adds a brightness to the flavor of the meat. I like to use orange juice and lime juice.

What can you use instead of coke for carnitas?

Coke with cane sugar instead of corn syrup (check the ingredients list) is ideal, however you can use any coke. Alternatively, substitute with chicken broth (chicken stock).

How long does it take to make carnitas in a CAZO?

Cook until the pork is tender enough to pull apart with a fork, 45 minutes to 1 hour.

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